I create soulful retreats that make you think differently
about who you are & who you can be.

If we're not careful, our everyday lives can quickly become stale. The routines that help us bring a sense of flow to our daily lives are also the very same routines that cause us to wake up one day feeling bored. Suffocated. Trapped in habits of our own creation. Driving the same routes, hanging out at the same places & eating the same foods day--day in & day out--make it easy to forget just how much there is to explore, see & do beyond that which is right in our own backyards. 


But travel changes that.

And I don't mean just going to see something new, I mean the kind of travel that seeps its way into your bones. The kind that brings you back home knowing, without a doubt, that you are not the same person who left. Only transformative, experience-based travel can do that. And I know because it's happened to me firsthand, in country after country as a solo traveler.

It's exactly why I knew I needed to start designing my own magical retreats, for adventurous women just like me. So I did. 


Lost & Found Retreats were born out of my deep passion for transformative travel experiences.

My passion for new languages & new cuisines & learning how to navigate the Metro in countries whose languages I've never known. And my passion for finding new parts of myself in breathtaking cities all around the world. I've learned firsthand that being lost is the only way to truly be found, and this is the same intimate experience I now share with you.

Lost & Found Retreats are personally curated, culturally immersive travel experiences designed for women & centered around Rest, Adventure, Conversation, Food, Reflection, & Flow. 

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to disconnect from your everyday life, recharge your spirit and create the kind of memories that leave a mark on your soul. Join me if you are an adventurous woman who...

  • Doesn’t need to depend on a travel guide & enjoys her own company…yet also enjoys a community forged by deeper connections

  • Is low-maintenance. Doesn’t take herself too seriously, loves to laugh & enjoys meeting new people

  • Loves to explore new cultures and welcomes the opportunity to learn about new lands, languages & ways of life

  • Enjoys trying new foods & won't turn her nose up just because she "hasn't had it before"

  • Is excited to push the boundaries of her own comfort zone & values experiences above things