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Each time I share my travels I get text messages, Facebook comments & DM's from those of you who are interested in journeying along on my international adventures (what I refer to on Instagram as a Daykation). Once I started traveling solo I never imagined venturing out with a group but your comments really made me start thinking about what organizing a trip would look like for me. What it could look like. How I could keep the essence of my beloved planned-but-unplanned adventures and yet make it possible for others to travel along with me and create some unique experiences of their own. And in all of my thinking (months and months of thinking--just ask my friends), I've come up with something that I think is pretty cool...a bit of the best of both worlds. An opportunity to create your own amazing travel stories, push the limits of your comfort zone and meet other like-minded women in the process. Sounds pretty dope, right? I thought so too.

Dayka Robinson Designs Marrakech Morocco Adventure 2016 Couscous

So you've asked....I've answered! Join me in Marrakech, Morocco for an unforgettable week long adventure. Imagine spending your days & nights exploring the rich culture of Marrakech--tasting your way through history, exploring the crafts & spices of its famous souks and touring the stunning architecture & rich traditions that have made Marrakech a cultural & religious center for over 900 years. Space limited to 5 interesting, hilarious, quirky & engaging women only!

When: October 11-16, 2016

What's Included: 

  • 5 night/6 day accommodations in a beautiful, traditionally-styled Moroccan Riad (with Wifi)
  • Daily breakfast featuring customary North African selections
  • Specially crafted welcome dinner upon arrival and farewell dinner upon departure
  • Half day ATV tour exploring the surrounding Marrakech dessert & traditional tea in a Berber village
  • Guided food tour showcasing regional specialties & spices
  • Roundtrip airport transfer to & from RAK (Marrakech Menara Airport)

Total cost: $1280 (not including airfare)

Dayka Robinson Designs Marrakech Morocco Adventure 2016 Souk

How to know if this adventure is right for you:

If you've followed me for any length of time (or at least enough to follow some of my adventures here, here, and here) you know that I'm obsessed with traveling the world. My personal Daykation style of travel is a mix of carefully curated excursions...combined with my unique ability to leave room open for life to happen. This means that I plan a few activities...but also look for opportunities to experience each destination in a way that could never be planned ahead of time. Like when I met a taxi driver in Istanbul who brought me to a local restaurant high in the hills above the Golden Horn for traditional Chai tea. Or when I got lost in Paris, stumbled upon a perfect cafe and decided to stop & stuff my face with a table packed full of rich & decadent desserts (YOLO!). I believe that solo travel is some of the most important travel you can ever do...but I also understand that not everyone is comfortable being all the way out there in the world alone. So my unique & personally crafted experience gives you the best of both worlds.

This trip is for women who crave exotic adventure & new world experiences. Who enjoy being immersed in new cultures & traditions and learning about life from a different perspective. Women who enjoy pushing the boundaries of their own comfort zone and value collecting experiences--meeting new people, trying new foods, being unplugged from wifi--over collecting things. This trip is planned to give you the opportunity to participate in some really cool outings...while also giving you ample time to have a solo afternoon at the hammam , visit a museum or explore the city alone. This is for women who don't need a travel guide to have a good time (you know what I mean--the kind with the logo-stitched baseball cap, sturdy backpack & raised flag in the air to make sure you don't get lost) and enjoy being by themselves but wouldn't mind a few partners--fellow travelers who are looking for an opportunity to connect with other souls and share their lives. If your heart is beating fast while reading this...then this adventure IS for you. And I wanna see you in Morocco.

Model Release - No

The Details:

The $1280 investment is divided into 4 payments:

May 24th 2016: $410 non-refundable deposit due  

Second Payment due June 24th 2016: $290 

Third Payment due July 24th 2016: $290

Fourth & Final Payment due August 24th 2016: $290

As the trip gets closer you'll receive a guide detailing helpful hints and FAQs on what to expect while in Marrakech including weather, dress code, safety, Islamic customs/traditions, etc. I'll also schedule an opportunity for us to jump on a call & connect as a group before we arrive.  Have questions? Feel free to send me an email at dayka@daykarobinsondesigns.com.

Hope to see you in Morocco! 

Dayka Robinson Designs Join Me in Morocco October 2016