I LOVE to experience the world. To not just see it, but to feel it, live it & collide with it. To go to new places and be surprised & amazed by things I didn't even know existed. To feel the freedom that comes with walking away from everything that anchors me to my daily life.

And that's exactly what happened during my trip to Marrakech. From the moment I stepped off the plane I was in much so that I decided the whole thing again and bring you along with me. To help you experience my unique method of Slow Travel that encourages you to dive in not solely as a tourist & consumer in a foreign land but as a traveler & storyteller engaged in the next chapter of your own life. I'm here to help you create an authentic experience all your own.

Hands down, my best international trip to date--quite healing. Dayka definitely knows how to create an experience and it's worth every penny. I loved that each day wasn't jam packed with activities, that there was a good balance between relaxation time & things that required my energy.

I was blessed to have an amazing group of women from a cross-section of experiences join me for my inaugural trip! We connected in ways & across boundaries that don't always happen when you start "adulting" & get so immersed in everyday life that you don't feel you have the luxury to just drop everything & connect. But when you're overseas & in a totally new environment?? It's what this kind of trip is made for. There were married women & single women. Women with kids & women without. High level entrepreneurs & home schoolers. A professor & a Personal Chef. I couldn't have asked for a better group!

My biggest concern about investing in the Lost & Found Marrakech experience was traveling by myself to a destination where I wasn't really close to anyone. I wasn't sure if my personality would fit and if I'd feel alone and bored throughout my stay. Instead, the moment I met the other individuals who were on the trip, we connected as if we've known each other for years! I honestly made life long friends on this trip and we shared and connected like family. Totally unexpected bonus.

This year I've made a few changes to the trip as a means of designing an experience that really gets to the heart of what I want to create: Connection & Community. It's about more than just seeing a new country/continent & great photo ops--it's an opportunity to reconnect to yourself & what really matters by unplugging from the world and remembering who you were before you started to accumulate so much extra stuff in your life. To form a new community with a few women you can't even imagine meeting just yet.

What I've designed is a creative & culturally immersive travel experience for: Rest. Adventure. Conversation. Food. Reflection. Solitude. Flow. Perspective Shifts. Art. And an opportunity to remember who you were before you became everything they (family, friends, job, kids, partner) wanted you to be. To get back to her.

I'd highly recommend any travel experience curated by Dayka! It was evident that she was in her element and left no stone unturned for the comfort and exposure of her guests. The added surprises and mementos were the icing on the cake!

You know those mind blowing conversations you stumble upon where everyone just vibes off one another & people are being vulnerable and honest and theres's so much magic in the air that you can feel it??

Well that's exactly what this is--a magical opportunity for you to become more of yourself.

So if you want to come to Marrakech to create magic--to unplug, shed your skin, reconnect with yourself, put your hands to work & create the kind of memories that leave a mark on your soul--then I want you to come with me. Yes, I want to help you "grow" your passport stamps but more importantly, I'm here to help you, "grow" you.

I've extended this year's trip by a few days & also added in some really cool activities to help you experience Morocco in ways that can only happen on the continent, like private, hands-on cooking lessons, a riad tour and seeing Marrakech from 2,000 feet in the air. We'll spend time together talking as a group about how to create the life you really want to live, how to identify your core values & we'll explore what it means to live in personal integrity & alignment, both at home & at work. I'm even going to teach you my sacred method for creating a personal piece of art that will allow you to visually document the most important experiences of your life (and if you follow me on IG you know what I mean!).

But don't worry--there will still be ample time for you to explore on your own, at your own pace. We'll also laugh a lot. Sleep a lot. Develop our own little private jokes. Shop the souks & explore the city. If you've never been to Marrakech let me warn you now--it's everything the pictures show it to be....& more.

This is designed to be an intimate experience and as such, space is limited to 6 interesting, quirky & engaging women. Last year I sold out in less than 48 hours. So if you know this is the right thing for you, don't delay. 

Here's how to know if this is right for you! If you are an: adventurous woman who loves to explore new cultures & welcomes the opportunity to learn about new lands, languages & ways of life. Someone who enjoys trying new foods. A woman who enjoys pushing the boundaries of her own comfort zone & values EXPERIENCES above THINGS. A woman who doesn't need to depend on a travel guide & who enjoys being by herself...but also enjoys the community that's forged by deeper connections. Someone who doesn't take herself too seriously, loves to laugh & enjoys meeting new people, then you will love this trip.

This trip is not right for: High maintenance women. Picky eaters. Women who can't bare to be unplugged from WIFI. Those who expect to be hand-held, are afraid to be alone, don't like to walk, or get annoyed around non-English speakers. If you have a Type-A personality, are overly dramatic (and you KNOW if you are!!), or expect a very Western experience akin to staying in a traditional hotel, please don't come with won't have a good time on this kind of trip.

So if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, join me for Lost & Found Marrakech 2017. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. 

October 10-17, 2017

  • 8 days/7 nights accommodation in a beautiful traditional Moroccan riad with modern styling (double occupancy & private bath)
  • Daily breakfast featuring tea, fresh breads, eggs, honey, jams, yoghurt & specialty Moroccan dishes
  • From-scratch Welcome Dinner upon arrival made from fresh, local & seasonal ingredients
  • Sunrise hot air balloon ride over Marrakech highlighting desert landscapes & traditional Berber villages
  • Private, hands-on cooking class with Moroccan women where we'll learn the secrets to preparing traditional Moroccan dishes. Lunch included. 
  • Half day ATV tour of Lake Takerkoust, Agafay desert + traditional tea in a Berber village
  • Guided, sit-down gourmet food & riad tour showcasing regional specialties, traditional spices, & beautiful riads you'd never see on your own 
  • Round trip transfer to & from RAK (Marrakech airport)
  •  Welcome gift bag filled with goodies! 

Total Investment= $2715 (not including airfare)

The Details

Your $2715 investment can be paid up front, in one payment, or divided into 7 payments:

March 7, 2017: $515 deposit due

 Second payment due April 7th 2017: $366.67 

Third payment due May 7th 2017: $366.67

Fourth payment due June 7th 2017: $366.67

Fifth payment due July 7th 2017: $366.67

Sixth payment due August 7th 2017: $366.67

Seventh payment due September 7th 2017: $366.67

**Please note that due to the logistics involved with planning a trip like this, all deposits & installment payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. It is highly encouraged that you get travel insurance which will protect your investment in the unlikely event you need to cancel.**

Lost & Found Marrakech 2017 FULL PAYMENT $2715.00
[wpecpp name="Lost & Found Marrakech Full Payment" price="2715.00" align="center"]
Lost & Found Marrakech 2017 DEPOSIT PAYMENT $515.00
[wpecpp name="Lost & Found Marrakech DEPOSIT PAYMENT" price="515.00" align="center"]


As the trip gets closer you’ll receive a guide each month detailing helpful hints, airfare hacks, and FAQs on what to expect while in Marrakech including weather, dress code, safety, Islamic customs/traditions, etc. Have questions?? Feel free to send me an email at Hope to see you in Marrakech!!!