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I help you identify your Core Personal Values so you can actually live the life you say you believe in.

Most people I meet don't know their top 5 Core Personal Values. Matter of fact, most of them can't even name two. And I'm not talking about some abstract idea you think is important in life--like "family," the go-to everyone tends to name--I mean the adjectives that actually serve as the foundation for how you live each day.

The ones that best describe what makes you feel good in your body & help bring a deeper meaning to the work you do, the relationships you create & how you spend your money.

And not knowing your Core Personal Values?
I happen to think that's a pretty big problem.

Living a Values Centered Life means identifying the principles you want to build your life around, articulating the behaviors that help bring those principles to life, and then actually doing every single one of them.

Because feeling good in our bodies & lives ultimately comes down to two things: Alignment & Congruency.

It's getting clear about the Core Personal Values you feel deeply connected to, identifying what those behaviors specifically look like in your life, and then showing up for the things you say you believe inIt is both the easiest & hardest thing to do...

..and that's where I come in. Because I help people be who they say they are. Or to put it more directly (since I love straight talk)...

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I make sure you're actually smoking the shit you're selling.

You know, talking the talk AND walking the walk.

People seek my expertise because I have a gift for cutting straight through the bullshit & identifying the underlying issues. Helping them tell the truth about what they really value & then getting clear about their supporting behaviors. And I do it all by asking one of my favorite questions...

What does that value look like in your life??

Do you tell people you value "Health"...but pull up at McDonald's for breakfast every morning? Do you profess that "open communication" is important in your relationships....but then shut down & refuse to communicate anytime something is said that you don't like?  

If so then you, my dear friend, are out of alignment. 

Which means you either need to re-evaluate if that value is really as important as you say it is....or you need to get serious about BEING the person you claim to be. But the good news is that I can help with this process. And I'm excellent at helping you do this work because I've spent years doing it for myself.


I'm here to help you create a new story. And this is deeply personal work for me because I was my own guinea pig for the unique values assessment process I created. Which means I've actually done (and continue to do!) the work. And I know that it is, hands down, the most important work you'll ever do for yourself because it's the work that brings more of you to your own life. It's the work that helps you show up more fully in everything you do. Authentically.   

Are you being who you say you are? Can I look at your life & tell what's really important to you?

If not, I can help. Because as India Arie sings: You know the truth by the way it feels...     


And I'd love to help you find yours. 

I’ve often struggled with the question of ‘Am I making the right choice?’ and even then, tend to second guess all of my decisions. Our call helped me get clear about why I’m really afraid to move forward & having someone to talk to who could hear my concerns objectively was one of the reasons I booked a call . You are awesome!
— Client, Atlanta, GA


(2) 60 minute clarity sessions to help you get clear--and gain a fresh, unique perspective--about whatever's challenging you. Whether you want to talk about your business, relationship(s) or yourself, Core Personal Values work for EVERY area of your life. Once your session is purchased you'll immediately receive your "Wig Snatch On-boarding Packet" as your pre-call homework, along with a link to schedule your session.

We’ll conduct our sessions via Skype/Facetime and at the end of our call you’ll receive a follow up email recapping your highlights/breakthroughs, plus sharing any resources mentioned.

-You have no idea what your values are & want help working through the process so you can live more authentically. 
-You’re self motivated and are ready to make some changes. 
-You welcome honest feedback & appreciate an objective sounding board. 
-You have the courage to tell yourself the honest truth..

You said some things I already knew were true deep down, even though I’d been trying to avoid them. But I’m at a point where I don’t just want to be ‘right’ anymore—I want to be BETTER. And I want better. Thank you for encouraging me to own the truth.
— Client, Richmond, VA