I haven't been feeling all that hot this week and while I've written a ton of ideas (I'm always writing), nothing really seemed right for today. I was trying to think about what's really relevant in my life right now & yet it's hard to think about those things when the main thing is that you're not feeling well. But because I'm really focused on trying to get SOMETHING out every week, I thought I'd just drop in to tell you the truth:

I didn't really feel like writing this week. I didn't feel like doing much of anything this week. I just didn't have it in me. 

So I didn't. 

And that's the best message I have to that's timeless & never goes out of style.

The one about putting on your own oxygen mask before you even ATTEMPT to put on someone else's. 

No matter what you may have committed to, LISTEN to your body. Listen to your spirit. If you don't feel like pushing through, don't. If you can't muster up the energy, that's totally fine. If you just need to take a day off because you need to take a day off, do it. Do NOT ask for permission or expect other people to understand because chances are, they won't. Matter of fact, don't even talk to other people about it. Be like Nike & Just Do It. Tuck yourself away & hibernate until you feel like you "can" again. Cancel the dates, reschedule the lunch appointments & take care of yourself.

I promise that whatever you're working on will be there tomorrow...there is no rush. Nobody will be mad at you.

And if it's not there tomorrow--or the people are really pissed that you cancelled--then the truth is that none of it is right for you. 

Let's stop making some of the most basic things more difficult than they need to be. Like self care. We owe it to ourselves to be first. And I don't mean some of the time...I mean all of the time. If you let yourself go there will literally be nothing for you to give.

So as crazy as it may sound, the best way that we serve others is to first serve ourselves. 

And then there's this blogpost. I was only supposed to be "checking in" to let you all know I wouldn't be "coming into work today" (I.e, sending out a blogpost) and in the midst of me telling you about that....all of this came tumbling out. Apparently the message was here all along & the inspiration came by me just telling the truth about where I am & how I'm feeling.  And it took me all of 15 mins. Hallelujah.

Don't force what isn't coming naturally. Pay attention to how you feel and go with that, even if it seems counterintuitive. Had I been a fool I would've sat at my desk all day trying to figure out what to share, while really not feeling good, instead of trusting my gut to go get back in the bed and--in my surrender--allowing the inspiration to come on its own.

Life is funny like that. Sometimes obedience, surrender & ease will take you MUCH further than effort.

Have a good weekend & take care of yourselves. Trust that I'll be doing the same over here!